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Search results

  1. Bowhunter500

    Elite Impulse 34

    I have an Elite Impulse 34 for sale. Comes fully loaded - QAD HDX rest, HHA Optimizer Lite sight, elite 4 arrow quiver, elite band wrist sling, and a Limbsaver stabilizer. Will also come with 6 gold tip hunter arrows. Currently set at 30.5”/70lbs. Fast and quiet. Looking to sell for $600 or...
  2. Bowhunter500

    Disturbing trauma to a buck!!!

    Being in law enforcement makes me think the deer got hit, wedged and drug under a vehicle a short distance. Not all of the backstrap is gone and it looks like to got burnt in the process (road rash). I have seen tears similar as well. Wicked. Poor thing.
  3. Bowhunter500

    HHA Optimizer Lite w/ XL Housing

    Like new -- no tapes, just sight -- $85 -- will ship if you pay costs!
  4. Bowhunter500

    Ruger AR556 Complete Upper

    Where are you located?
  5. Bowhunter500

    Ruger AR556 Complete Upper

    Still have both?
  6. Bowhunter500

    Steel Shooting Targets - Support our local HS

    Sounds like OPD and MCSO are going to place some orders. Thanks for the tip, Morris. Never would have known about this without IW.
  7. Bowhunter500

    Steel Shooting Targets - Support our local HS

    Emailing it to all of my buddies and to our shooting instructor at Oskaloosa PD -- May even have the school contact Deputy Jesse Sanders with Mahaska County Sheriff's Office. He is the shooting instructor.
  8. Bowhunter500

    Mathews Z7 Extreme

    Sold. Thanks for interest
  9. Bowhunter500

    Mathews Z7 Extreme

    Price lowered to $600
  10. Bowhunter500

    Mathews Z7 Extreme

    Mathews Z7 Extreme -- brand new and completely loaded. I got this bow on trade from a friend who wasn't able to use this bow as he hurt his shoulder after purchasing brand new, so has sat since. He told me he was only able to shoot roughly 10-15 arrows before injuring his shoulder. I literally...
  11. Bowhunter500

    Snapchat Contacts

    A Sirovy -- mine may include some family, and lots of work related stuff... Including the stupid side of law enforcement :-)
  12. Bowhunter500

    New Hunting Buddy...in the works

    Congrats! About to get my first little boy here in a few weeks! Strategic planning? I think not..... What can I say, we get cabin fever in the winter lol
  13. Bowhunter500

    Bob Lee Recurve

    $300 is what we are wanting to get out of it.
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