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    Trailing Dachshund puppies

    Puppy Update Update on Puppies: I have 1 male red dapple male left. He has an excellent temperament and drive. Call for pictures and information. 319-850-7915
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    Trailing Dachshund puppies

    Minature Dachshund Puppies (excellent blood trailers) Sorry...here's the video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFGypZCFwRE
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    Trailing Dachshund puppies

    Update: 3 puppies left, one male 2 females is anyone is interested. Thanks.
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    Trailing Dachshund puppies

    Beautiful litter of purebred Miniature Dachshund puppies for sale. Born June 17th 2012. Will be ready around the first week of August. 5 puppies (2 females, 1 male still available). Rare colors available. Colors available: Black and tan, Silver and white dapple, red dapple, Brown and white...
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    Movement update...

    Deer Activity SE Iowa I hunt in Van Buren County and the sightings of mature deer has been hit or miss. They are definitely anchored down with does now. Hopefully by next week the big boys will start searching for different does and be on the move again. I think its a pretty tough time to hunt...
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    hello dbltree...trying to post up a land for sale ad...i show last post was april...has there...

    hello dbltree...trying to post up a land for sale ad...i show last post was april...has there been a change in policy to posting land ads?
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