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Search results

  1. Kkoppy

    Sunday Stalk

  2. Kkoppy

    Gun/bow double

  3. Kkoppy

    Daughter’s first bird

  4. Kkoppy

    3rd season hunts

    Congrats to you both.
  5. Kkoppy

    Daughters 1st season bird

  6. Kkoppy

    1st bird on my ground

  7. Kkoppy

    Foggy Morning Clean Decap

    Congrats and nice shot
  8. Kkoppy

    Before Work Smackdown

  9. Kkoppy

    Nebraska 2021

    Congrats. Sounds like a great hunt
  10. Kkoppy

    2nd Season

  11. Kkoppy

    Another Bingo

  12. Kkoppy

    Youth Success 4/11

  13. Kkoppy


  14. Kkoppy

    High & Tight

    Beautiful mount. Congrats again
  15. Kkoppy

    Iowa Deer Classic 2021

    Killer gear. Thanks
  16. Kkoppy

    Iowa Deer Classic 2021

    I have a question for those that went. There was a booth with an umbrella like decoy. They had antelope, turkey, and elk. I didn’t get a chance to talk to them and wanted to look them up. Hopefully someone will remember there company name. Thanks
  17. Kkoppy

    DIY euro pedestal mount

    Looks nice
  18. Kkoppy

    Getting kids away from electronics... one day’s activity

    That’s one sweet tree house / dads deer shack
  19. Kkoppy

    Biggie Smalls

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