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20-21 Team Contest Score Thread (Teams)


Well you can cross out my 134 bow buck for team 9 and add 154 instead. Shot him with the cheat stick as I like to call it because I am a die hard bowhunter. The gun however is fun to get out as well once a year. Short story is he came in about three in the afternoon and I shot him at about 110 yds made a poor shot but quickly dispatched him. Another beautiful deer.

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I believe I have all the bucks that have been posted entered. If I have missed your deer let me know. If you still have deer to enter please post them up. Thank you.

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PMA Member

Team 3.
I can't find the measurement sheet I had and I deleted it off my phone after I posted it on the new previous site. He taped out at 147 and change though. If I was lying I would have made him 150".


Staff member
Hey guys- fire me ur info and I’ll get some gear to u! I got Ishi, CWTR & deep wood info. Congrats!!!!

Team 2-667.875pts
1. deep woods goat hunter-153.25
2. bigbuckhunter88-179.75
3. CurtisWalker-176
4. lv2hntnfsh
5. Ishi-158.875
Fun every year seeing everyone’s deer! Im ready for deer chore season, but with DL savings this weekend it always makes me think october bowhunts are right around the corner!

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