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2016-2017 IW PMA Big Buck Contest!

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Here we go! The deer season is upon us. Between out of state hunts and family life, time got away and we are a little late posting this up. As always, you must be a PMA (Prime Membership Advantage) member to be eligible for the contest. Like we did last year, the children of PMA Members are eligible for the contest as well, as long as they fall under the requirements of the Iowa Youth Deer Season rules. This can be biological child, step child, or foster child! It is vitally important that we all strive to get kids involved in the sport that we love and at iowawhitetail.com we want to take a step to include them here.

The rules of the contest are listed under the PMA Big Buck Contest tab at the top of the screen. YOU MUST BE A PMA MEMBER TO BE ELIGIBLE! When you harvest a buck that you want to enter, go to the thread the PMA Harvest Forum to add your photo, date of harvest, and gross score and you are entered!

Prizes to be announced at a later date.................................


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There are a few PMA members that have posted their stories but haven't posted their photo, date of hatvest, and score in the Contest Entry thread in the PMA Harvest forum. The days are counting down, get them posted up if you want to be entered in the contest!


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And the prizes are................................

A Grizzly 75 Cooler with Iowawhitetail.com Logo!


A Spypoint Excel 080 Action Cam from Whitetails Crossing. www.whitetailscrossing.com


A Spypoint Force 11D Trail Camera from Whitetails Crossing. www.whitetailscrossing.com


We have one more prize to be announced.

A huge thank you to our sponsers that make this contest possible!!
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