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2016 Buck Pics

I have some photos to share but am out of town now and unable to post from my computer. I send BDahms a text with some photos that he will be posting for me later today. Hope you enjoy the pics. I enjoy seeing other posts so I thought I would share some of my own. Can't wait for season to start.


Be here Now
Here are his pics- he has soon good deer to choose from! and you nice beans Mark!








Just wanted him to post that last picture of the doe ears just above the beans showing you that it is definitely possible to get a good stand of beans by broadcasting. I planted about 3 acres of soybeans with ATV and Kunz Til Ease pull behind. Disced up the soil, broadcast soybeans, disc under about 1.5" and then sprayed a couple times. It was my first time doing that and was a success...thought I'd share for anyone who had entertained the thought of planting soybeans but didn't have a planter.


Let’s go Brandon!
Great pics and great bucks!! Thanks to both of you guys for getting them on here


PMA Member
Some very nice bucks! I also planted a soybean plot this year by broadcasting. Super easy way to do it and they came up really nicely as well.


Love the group pic of bucks! SE Minnesota is very gnarly and comparable to NE Iowa at times. The last buck or couple is a shooter, best of luck! Thanks for sharing!


That last buck have some sort of mange, or just a rough year?
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