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2018-19 Team Contest Score Thread (Teams)


Team 1-290pts
1. Hsmaross
2. TeenageHunter
3. Rjack-130pts+25pts*
4. deerhunter93-135
5. nontyp

Team 2- 50pts
1. EatSleepHunt- 25pts
2. Wapsi tree-25pts
3. moosehunter
4. jkratz5
5. MadisonB&C

Team 3-25pts
1. sirrloin
2. gunhunter
3. DropTine_11
4. goatman-25pts
5. FFDewey

Team 4-281.5pts
1. Flugge
2. 203ntyp- 112.5pts+25pts
3. rutnstrut
4. Hardwood11-144pts
5. Rut Nut

Team 5-399.25pts
1. Non-typ
2. Obsessed-25pts*+155.5pts
3. bowonly-15.625pts+25pts*
4. Iowaqdm
5. 2dblind-178.125

Team 6-770.875pts
1. Elvis188-151.25
2. lunker99-147.5pts-25pts*
3. IowaBowHunter1983-207.5pts
4. msauer933-121.5pts
5. zvholk-118.125

Team 7-486.25
1. Daver
2. Boonerviileusa-141pts+25pts*
3. muddy-155.375pts
4. CurtisWalker-139.875
5. KSHUNTER-25pts

Team 8- 481.625pts
1. Lyon-144.75
2. Bowfisher-25pts
3. birddown101-150.375
4. Bowtech bandit
5. Jbohn- 25pts*+136.5

Team 9- 313.375pts
1. Tim Hull- 143pts
2. skyleralan
3. bigbuckhunter88-145.375pts
4. MN Slick-25pts
5. Kaleb

Team 10- 343pts
1. Team Haastyle
2. Tmayer13- 25pts*+158.25pts
3. LoessHillsArcher-134.75
4. Hoffman
5. RoosterCogburn-25pts

Team 11-488.00pts
1. sep0667
2. Muddyhntr
3. Sligh1-187pts
4. deep woods goat hunter- 156.625
5. Jmac0501-25pts* + 119.375

Team 12-542.375pts
1. Gundog
2. Jwest-165.625
3. hillruner-25pts
4. BDAHMS-153.375
5. Ishi- 25pts*+173.375

Team 13-652pts
2. 150 Class-175.5
3. arm-139pts
4. wtails2015 (Meat Hunter)-152.375pts
5. meyeri- 25pts*-160.125pts

Team 14-75pts
2. Copenhagen Tob-25pta
3. 6x6-25pts
4. Swampy_44
5. tigejones-25pts

Team 15-313.5pts
1. tracer
2. Wi transplant-129pts
3. Sod Savage-134.5-25pts*
4. Bone Slayer

Team 16-25pts
1. SeIowa69
2. Bowman-25pts

This thread will also be used to submit entries for scores. You can post score and picture here and then post your story and pictures in the harvest report section. Remember to follow the rules in the other deer contest thread and if you haven’t signed up please use the sign up thread so I can keep track. I look forward to another great year. Let the smack talking begin!!!!

*Team doe credit
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PMA Member
TEAM 10 SUCKAS!!!!!!! Heck yes theres a guy on my team that killed a two hundy last year!!!!! we got this in the bag!!! dont worry guys ill take care of the doe and button buck points for us!!!


PMA Member
Sure his funny how Team 7 is stacked !!! :)

Hey now! I am on Team 7...virtually guaranteeing that the other 4 lucky ducks are going to have to up their game to carry me...and I am not light! :)

But I will say this...I just bought a new bow last week for the first time in approximately 15 years and that puppy is a real tack driver. So I have newfound excitement this year to break that bow in right. Now if I can just get some dumb, giant bucks to move onto our farm I will be set! :) (Commercial time - I bought this new bow from site sponsor, Gunrnr(Boyd Mathes) the other day. I highly recommend checking with him if you are in the market for new equipment.)

Lots of good hunters spread out across all teams, it should be interesting! Good luck everyone! (But more luck to fellow Team 7'ers! :))


Heck I will probably need to be carried by my teammates too. So far the only buck I have on cam since June is a spike.

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PMA Member
Is that the new crossbow with the scope you were telling me about?

Ha! No crossbow for me yet, but at age 55, I realize that this may be the last regular bow that I buy in my lifetime. It is a Bowtech Icon. Ironically, my last new bow was also an Icon...but it was a Matthews. I guess the bowmakers are running out of names to use. :)


Active Member
Sorry in advance to team 8! All of my hunting ground is currently under three feet of flood water so I may not get an early start.


Well-Known Member
Team #8 :)

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Active Member
Congrats! You should get extra points for being the first one on the board!
But seriously I was checking out some of my teammates trail cam pics and harvest pics from the past, Wow team number 2 is stacked!!! Nothing like being the weak link haha.
Good luck everyone!
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