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2020 archery buck


I made a post but think the server was in the midst of the big reset and don't see it anymore. I was watching one way and switched my view 180° to rest my hip. As I leaned against the tree Kratz texted about killing one. As I was mid text I gotta weird feeling and slowly looked back where I had previously been watching.

There he stood. He came in and got boogery where I had 2 does stomping earlier. Not sure he could sense their nervousness but he froze. My heart was pounding so hard my glasses were moving on my nose. Eventually he turned to leave. I tried to stop him and at the shot he lunged forward and the arrow caught him way way back. He went 50 yards and started doing circles and eventually laid down and died. First time I've dealt with a femoral hit but I'll take being lucky over good this past year.

He is probably my best bow buck or else very close to it.


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PMA Member
Beautiful buck Muddy! At least your glasses stayed on your nose ;) My first archery buck I hit a main artery, does them in pretty quick!


PMA Member
What a stud! Any idea what that mark is on his left side in the trail camera photo? I don't see it in the harvest photos.


What a stud! Any idea what that mark is on his left side in the trail camera photo? I don't see it in the harvest photos.

Year before I think someone shoulder shot him. I have pics from 2019 and he had that wound but it was mostly healed over. This last summer it must've festered because it looked bad. Then it healed up in September.
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