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2020 so far...


Hi everyone - here are a few pics from 2020 so far...

I’m still holding my bow tag for this year but actually arrowed last season’s buck on 1/1/20. My favorite part of the day was having Dad come help with the drag and having Grandpa come out for a pic and to load the buck. I started squirrel hunting when I was six and I’ve spent a lot of time in the timber and chasing pheasants with Grandpa and Dad over the years.

Although I consider all time in the timber a blessing from God, some other ‘extra’ fun moments came during turkey season. I was blessed to arrow a couple of toms and called one in for Dad. The first tom I arrowed was silent on the roost. It wasn’t until he gobbled about 30 yards NW of me just over a ridge that I knew he was around. He came into five yards, jumped on and started pecking my jake decoy which all made for a great shot opp. I went out the next weekend to try for my second turkey. The second tom was vocal on the roost but ended up behind me - I knew he was coming but had the rear windows closed - the sound of a spitting, drumming and gobbling tom about five yards yards from the blind is such a cool experience. He worked out to the decoys in front and once again I was blessed with a nice shot opportunity. For Dad’s turkey, we started at one farm that didn’t work out so we went to another. I hit the crow call from an open area near where we parked and heard two toms to the east, one north and one west. We went towards the two as they seemed the most fired up. We ended up calling them through a fence, across a ditch and they came into about 10 yds. Calling for Dad was more exciting and fun than me arrowing mine...

We also got the girls out fishing a bit and did a lot of hiking at parks all over Iowa. We were also blessed to adopt our fourth daughter that will finalize in 2021 (not pictured).

As much as I’m ready for COVID to be over, definitely made some cool memories in the timber and with the family.

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For a corona disaster year - u sure made some memories. 2 awesome buck and the experiences for kids is awesome. Congrats on making a crap corona year look pretty darn good!!!

Central Iowa

Those are good times for sure! Enjoy the kids and your time together outdoors! They grow up fast my oldest turns 17 today. It was in the blink of an eye.
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