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2021 Iowawhitetail Team Turkey Contest


Sign up here for the 2019 turkey contest! We’ll get more information and prizes up later. Groups of two accepted and post if you don’t have a partner and you’ll hopefully find someone! Good luck everyone!

Sign up is good until April 30th

(Muddy's usual post)

Rules are pretty much the same as every year.

1. Birds are scored according to NWTF scoring system. That information can be found here http://www.nwtf.org/for_hunters/how_to_score.html the actual scoring calculator can be found here http://www.nwtf.org/all_about_turkeys/turkey_score.html

2. Each team member may enter only one bird and you may change your score any number of times if you shoot a bigger bird later in season, in another state, etc. Birds taken legally in ANY STATE are able to be entered in the contest.

3. If you shoot a multiple bearded bird you may only score the longest beard into the equation. I do this because I do not want to deal with non typical turkey scores vs typical turkey scores.

4. Any legal weapon is allowed. If one team member uses a bow and the other a gun so be it. There is no handicap for any type of weapon, they're all equal opportunity.

5. You must PM the score of your bird directly to me and I will keep track on my own and post scores periodically throughout the season. I WILL NOT chase down scores posted in harvest threads, they must be PM'd to me directly in order to be scored.

6. You MUST POST PICTURES of your turkey kill, if you do not you are not eligible. This is to get more participation on the site, something pretty much everyone has complained about over the past year. If you need help, I will post pictures for you or even talk you thru it over the phone as I have for several people.

7. This year all registered members are eligible to play.

8. As usual I reserve the right to tweak the rules in accordance to issues that may come up.

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PMA Member
Can I sign up with my 15 year old son? He isn't a member on here but I can sign him up as a PMA Member if needed. Thanks, let me know.


Can I sign up with my 15 year old son? He isn't a member on here but I can sign him up as a PMA Member if needed. Thanks, let me know.

You guys are a team. We always want to see kids out in the outdoors. Good luck this spring!

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