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A bad word but EHD anyone?


Well-Known Member
I had been hoping that keeping it quiet would keep it away but my area is pretty dry and had a couple farmers say they found a few dead deer on the field edge along a river. Anyone else?


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Staff member
Buddy in western Iowa said its getting fairly bad. He's tied in with local biologist. I've heard reports from Warren and Ringgold as well.


Staff member
Saw a few cases all over S iowa. Multiple co’s. But very mild & limited so far. Which is normal. Having a few cases is probably good so deer still can build resistance to new strains. All of it is “new” - last 70 years or so. This last new strain is that hit in 2019- extremely deadly.
hope it stays quiet & frost comes soon.


I was down along the creek as the soybeans were coming out today. I smelled death and did the bird dog back and forth from downwind to find the source. My guess is coyote.

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Sounds like it is pretty bad in west central, loess hills buddy sent me a lot of pics of dead bucks he's found this year, at least 10 so far.

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My rancher friend in northeast Nebraska says it's hitting there too. Ughh...I was going there to hunt, not so sure now...


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This was last week in our pond in Mahaska County. Not sure what our local officer does but doesn't go out of his way but I assume it's EHD. We had one dead in a bean field last year as well.


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Found another one in a pond tonight. Smelled him driving down the road on the ranger to check cows. Saw him alive last week just across the road from where he died.


It is going to be a good fall!
I am hearing of some "bad" areas. While other areas nearby are not seeing much EHD?

Can someone explain the EHD/cattle connection and how that could impact an area?
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