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Abnormal sides

Thinkin Rut

PMA Member
Has anyone tracked bucks with abnormal sides? I have two bucks that I’m debating passing till next year or culling out. Curious on the chances these could turn it around or anyway of telling if it’s a bump vs injury? Thanks


Super Moderator
It’s a toss up. I have had bucks straiten out the following year and I have also had bucks stay goofy. There is not an answer other than you won’t know for sure if you shoot them.


Well-Known Member
Ugly goofy or cool goofy? I would try to get rid of the ugly goofy somehow. Cool goofy is a tougher decision.


Active Member
Both bucks I had with (highly) abnormal sides had significant injuries. One with a front broken leg, and one with his side shrunk in and potentially a dislocated hip. Either or both could have been car accidents.

Miraculously, both survived the following year and gained mass, character.. But were never going to amount to much score wise. Both were taken by the neighbor, didn't want one more feeding mouth to contend with when there were many better up and comers.


PMA Member
I've had several bucks over the years I've followed with abnormal sides, the first one threw a weird side all 3 years I knew of him, he did get bigger each year on both sides. The second straightened out somewhat, but still has a main beam that curves in tighter than his other side. I know of a third that threw an abnormal side for just one year, then went back to a typical side; I think he got shot and survived for the abnormal year growth. So no way of knowing for sure what they'll do.

150 Class

I have seen them come back normal the following year and I don’t know that it would goof up the genetics in the buck, even if it doesn’t. This question reminds me of the Lovstuen buck. It sure paid off for them to pass on the one year it had a weak side (due to a leg injury from previous year shotgun season, if I remember correctly).
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