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Aerial imagery

Blake 01

PMA Member
Hoping someone on here might be able to assist. When I was in Iowa last year hunting I met with a dnr officer and we looked at his computer to verify some public land. I use onyx and HuntWise also google earth. Oh and just found the Lydar images on the dnr webpage for Iowa. What I can’t find is the one he was using on his computer. The images were all leaves off satellite images. It also showed land owners and public lands. I should have written it down when he told me what it was but I was too excited about the piece he verified as public for me lol. Short sited. If anyone knows what the dnr officers are using out there for satellite images I would appreciate the info. Thanks


Active Member
Yeah. Following to see what answer you get. I’ve seen it, too. It’s not proprietary to the DNR, I’ve seen it used, but I don’t remember how to find it. Each section pointed out, with maps that you can zoom on...

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Staff member
Leaves off- hunterra maps had talked to me about this a while ago. I’ll see If I find out what scoop is
For regular maps at 2 times of the year- iowa geographic map server. Great mapping.


PMA Member
You can go to historical data on Google Earth and see leaves off. I just checked my area and viewed the historical view from last March, could see the neighbors box blind and livestock.


Active Member
Depending on what county you're hunting, the county assessor's webpage usually has a link to an interactive site that has aerial maps where you can click on individual parcels to see owner info. The mostly widely used website I see is beacon.schneidercorp.com. The majority of counties in iowa use this site.

Blake 01

PMA Member
Looks like I got some googling to do the officer was incredibly kind and helpful. Pretty certain he said it was usable by civilians. Thanks for all the insights guys.
It may have been the local county’s GIS imagery. You might try googling the county + GIS and get the site he was using. Several IA/MO counties have that available.
Could also be some secret gov’t deal too tho.

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New Member
They’re using the county property search through the county assessor website . Put a name in and parcels pop up. Gives parcel number and owner. Some counties have it some don’t. Also provides a map with parcel numbers you can click on to ID property owners of a particular parcel
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