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Afternoons in OCT. what time you heading out?


PMA Member
My dilemma is I am a teacher, and the earliest I can get into my stand is 4:30. I think I will be fine this early since it still doesn't get dark until 7ish and the time change hasn't went into affect, what do you guys think?

I am being cautious about this area because I know it holds several big deer and the crossing into the corn is a perfect funnel.

I wasn't going to start until next Friday (have it off and was going to hunt all weekend, but am getting jealous of seeing all of these GIANTS go down)!! I have never been a fan of early Oct., but no question they have been moving and been more active to the Ag. fields I think with the dry conditions.

This is a fresh set that I put up in late August after getting pictures of two of my four top hitlist bucks coming and going from this area each morning and night.

Tomorrow is the last semi-cool day of the week and I need a south, or SW wind to hunt this stand in the PM, which I will get tomorrow.

Has been a magical season for so many of you guys so far I hope I can get just a piece of it!


PMA Member
Right now, 4:30 is just fine. With the temp in the 50's and 60's, the deer likely won't be moving until the last hour of light or so (that's what I see anyway).


Active Member
You should be fine. I do know though we had been seeing a lot of does from 3pm on. Pretty good movement early for this time of year. I would still hunt though just try to find somewherr they will come out later.


New Member
I know a plumber who goes every day, his scent is terrible and he smokes in the stand. I think over time the deer get use to him and by the end of November he usually kills a big one. You should see the deer heads he has on his walls. He has done this for over 20 years.


A Few Steps Ahead Of You
depends on stand location more than anything, I think. If you can get to it before the deer do, go for it. However, I have also been noting earlier movement than a normal October, but with restricted time, do what you gotta do.


New Member
I am seeing very early movement, no acorns in timber their stomachs empty running to beans and corn


Life Member
Depends on the location and how easy it is to get in (and out.)

The later in the season it is almost not worth it. You end up meeting deer on your way in and their way out.

Right now, getting out at that will work if you don't go too deep into your hunting area. Yesterday I went for a late sit, got in quick and quiet. Within 10 min. 4 doe and a 4 pt. came through and then 2 nice bucks came by as well at last light. Most years at this time at the season, I would never have seen that many in this stand location. This year, everything just seems a little more amped up that normal. I'm enjoying it!


PMA Member
I am going to give it a shot, it is a fairly conservative location just on the outside edge of a thick section of timber that creates a large open "C" shape that then funnels into a corn field. I am able to walk the field edge along the fence row and then hop the fence to my stand.

I think it will be a great spot for the rut as well with it being a nice staging area/clearing, but is completely secluded.

My main object is just to see how the deer move in the area.


PMA Member
I am seeing very early movement, no acorns in timber their stomachs empty running to beans and corn

I know we saw a lot of action last Saturday evening and I too suspect it had to do with the fact that food and water are scarce right now. In my area the field crops didn't really produce much grain, I haven't seen many acorns at all and the browse in the timber is reduced. Therefore, the food plots are HOT!

Bowman D

Sat several hours tonight, saw deer moving at 4:40 in deep timber. I would still give it a go, hunt when u can.
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