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Aging Your Deer


Let’s go Brandon!
Here are some tips and steps on aging whitetails. I’m only familiar with DeerAge.com and have used them for 4 years now. First let’s get the front two teeth out. Cut the skin away on the lower jaw. If you want the deer mounted let your taxidermist cut the skin.

Take a small knife and you will make three cuts. One in the middle and a cut on each side of the front two teeth and go til you hit bone on top and bottom.

I have better luck using a needle nose pliers. Position the pliers and gently apply downward pressure. You’ll hear popping and cracking but keep the pressure on till they are hanging down.

Once they are hanging there cut them off if needed. When aging deer they want the roots.

I’ve used regular pliers but its hard to get a good grab on the teeth and much easier to break the root.
Now put the two teeth in a envelope or safe place until your kit arrives. Don’t put salt or borax or anything on the teeth. This can mess up the testing.

This is how DeerAge process works. Go to the website and set up a account order as many kits as you need. Once the kit arrives find the redeem kit section and follow the instructions on the website.

Put the teeth in the sleeves and match the Wal numbers and enter the info for each deer.

Make the payment then submit the form electronically and the results will be emailed back in approximately three months. Any questions post them up or send a PM. Happy aging!

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