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Air show tomorrow


I plan to hunt a property that in the past, military jets getting ready to fly over Kinnick Stadium “queue over” as they time their approach flight. I’ve stood in the stand and saluted them in the past, doubt they saw me. Just heard on the news that they are to fly tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be busy dragging and not in the stand for the fly over.

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PMA Member
Just be sure that you are tethered in tight Randy...I wouldn't want the backwash from the jets to knock you out of your stand. :) Good luck and be safe out there!!


PMA Member
At least it's not a hot air balloons :) , had a couple come right over me one year not very high and they don't just fly by quickly. Needles to say the deer ran for the next county!
I had this exact experience almost 30 years ago while youth hunting. I was pretty disgusted, totally ruined the hunt.
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