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Albino Deer


Active Member

Finally I saw him.... He is 3.5 years old and a true albino. Has a small basket rack.
Was coming home from hunting Sat evening, crested a hill and headed down when I saw an odd figure in the headlights. As I got closer I realized I was viewing the "famous" albino that lives in Keomah State park. Never thought I would see one of these in my lifetime. He was obviously in search mode. He is about 35 yards in front of my truck when I snapped the pictures. Sorry they are not super clear but I had to hurry and snap them through the windshield. Its nearly impossible to tell in the pictures, but he has a dark chocolate rack.
I hunt less than a mile from where he was that evening, so maybe I will get to view him from the stand sometime and get better pictures!
Anyway, thought I would share, made my weekend as the hunting was super slow.


Active Member
I think this year is the first time he has really left the park much, hopefully he stays off of highway 92, he was only several hundred yards from it when I took the picture. Would be kinda cool to see him grow and reproduce in the years to come.

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