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Alfalfa/Clover mix Should I mow It 1 more time?


I have a alfalfa clover mixed plotthat is about 12 inches high right now.I have some other work to do on that farm this afternoonand was considering mowing off the alfalfa one more time.my concern is it may be too late in the season to mow the alfalfa? I also have a couple clover plots on that farm that I was going to mow once more as well.
I'm planning on only taking a few inches off and mainly fighting back the weeds once more.
would this be a good idea?


PMA Member
I don't know much about alfalfa, but yes, I would clip your clover now and it should be nice and lush this fall with the cooling temps. I mowed mine probably a week ago.


PMA Member
I am not an alfalfa expert, so take this FWIW. But I see alfalfa fields getting mowed SHORT every year on into September and guess where the deer are in January and Februrary...right in those same fields.
What i know of alfalfa is it likes to be cut...farmers usually mow it for hay at least 3 times each year and probably more likely 4 times if straight alfalfa and good conditions. It should grow back.
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