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And so it begins......again


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The 2022 Session of the of the 89th General Assembly convened today. As was commented in another thread regarding adding another deer season, that is just one of the continuing litany of proposals we expect to be filed, refiled and brought back to life.

Thanks to everybody who took the time to contact their legislators last year, you made a difference and hopefully you will all make the contacts again this year.

So buckle up and ride it to the end.

Oh yeah, if you are an IBA member thanks and if not join here: <Join the Iowa Bowhunters Association> we are the only group actively fighting for science-based regulations and conservation of our wildlife. Our pockets aren't nearly as deep as the large corporations and personal interest groups that would have every deer dead, every wood plot bulldozed, any method of take legalized and make the ability for the common man to own their own hunting ground out of economic reach. Make your voice heard, join the IBA.


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If theres such a thing as “the most important issue” or post that a guy could read & put some thought into…. It’s this!! Many folks have no clue how much better iowa is than surrounding states & why. Or what could cause iowa to be like its neighbors. I wish folks could spend one season in MI, WI, PA, MN, etc etc. It’s like having to live in communist China for a year & then coming back to the US ;).
Please folks- take the time to send in an email to reps. It’s critical. Just like we wait for the “once a year rut hunting” - it’s as critical to spend 10-20 mins of the year writing in!! Anyone need a list of legislatures?


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Thanks Skip! I’ve got my reps info, but I would suggest you post the list for easy access for everyone.

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Iowa is a true gem for whitetail hunting, especially for residents. IMO the #1 reason for this is the small # of WT tags given to nonresidents. To my knowledge, we are unique among all states E of the Rockies in that nonresident landowners are required to draw a tag, and the only state E of the Great Plains that has a draw.


In talking with realtors, nonresident purchases of recreational land in IA are way up. Contributions to state Republican legislators follow, as this is the key to opening the doors to more NR tags.

If NR landowners no longer had to draw it would spike recreational land values higher, and reduce resident access. If NR quota goes up, lease prices go way up, and residents lose access. When access is lost, public land gets more crowded.

IA is a unique midwest WT state with limited habitat, a relatively low deer population, and very little public land. It is a delicate balance to preserve the high quality of hunting we enjoy. We’ll really feel how good we had it AFTER we lose it, and once we lose it we’ll never get it back.

I talked to my state legislators regarding terrible deer legislation last year and will continue to do the same this year as long as the train of crappy sponsored bills keeps rumbling along.

Make sure to tell your fellow hunters about what is at stake and what can be done to protect it.


It is going to be a good fall!
I would disagree that limiting NR is the #1 factor in Iowa good deer hunting. If Iowa moved their gun season to November 6-13 as an example. Most of your “giant” big buck hunting would be over in 2 years.

You would see all the NR sell and go elsewhere if this happened. Prices would really drop.

Therefore the #1 reason is the December gun season. I don’t think you guys realize the importance of having a gun season after the rut.. it’s the factor.

Limiting NR has an impact yes, but not even in same ballpark as the December gun season. That’s the key.


PMA Member
Limiting NR is a mute point since I’d say 70% of them are “residents” and get tags every year. They aren’t spending millions to come hunt every 4-5 years.
I’ve written legislators in the recent past and had one reply they had no clue what NR or NRLO meant, and that rec/hunting issues were a low priority. Lol. I have little faith in anything politics.


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I’ve written legislators in the recent past and had one reply they had no clue what NR or NRLO meant, and that rec/hunting issues were a low priority. Lol. I have little faith in anything politics.
I also have little faith but if we all stop then I guarantee it'll get worse and worse each year. And why would any of them know what NR or NRLO means?
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