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Antlers starting to get loose and/or drop


All you late ML hunters be carefull with your bucks. I'm a taxidermist and I had a customer bring in a buck yesterday that had one side fall off when the buck hit the ground. I had the same thing happen to my own buck last year on Dec 26th. One of the antlers popped off while we were loading it.

I just thought I would give everyone a heads up. Be careful with those trophies.

hunt iowa

Life Member
A heads up.

The record keeping organizations WILL accept an animal that as had an antler drop off if it matches the skull exactly. That is a rather new rule.


The antlers might not be the best drag handles right now. I heard someone say they pulled an antler off already.

Rut Nut

A heads up.

The record keeping organizations WILL accept an animal that as had an antler drop off if it matches the skull exactly. That is a rather new rule.
I am a P&Y measurer. To my knowledge this is not true. I believe B&C will allow a broken point to be scored if you have the broken off part but P&Y does not alow this.


Well-Known Member
I actually shot one a saturday, he hit the ground and the right side fell off. So i figured hey what the heck he was a dandy ill just do a european mount and screw the antler to the plate. Well when i went to pick up his head yesterday the other side fell off too. So i guess i've got a hell of a match set already this year hahahah.


PMA Member
I was out yesterday afternoon trying to fill a doe tag and had the safety off on two different deer. Both times something about them didn't say "doe", so I took a closer look to see both were shed bucks. Also saw several others with both sides, but was surprised to see two in the same night completely shed out this early.



New Member
ive seen two shed bucks already, my second best deer on the farm is shed already!. a buddy of mine shot a big big buck on saturday and both of his antlers were loose. there are always some bucks that shed this early but not this many to my knowledge. all of you that hunt that damn late rifle season get a good luck before you drop the hammer on a big ol shed buck!
That's the very reason I hate the late rifle season. Most shooters never look twice. Would be a shame to shoot a booner with no antlers


One of the guys in our group shot what he thought was a big doe with a bad leg last Saturday, which turned out to be a shed buck with a bad leg. And some pretty major antler bases. :(

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