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Anyone cure their own bacon.


Decap Nation
Yes! Hopefully the Food Corner can comes back as there are several threads and discussion on curing bacon and Dried Venison ( Deer )
Until then explain your method. I’ve personally cured bacon with three different methods, Tender Quick, Dry Cure, and with a wet Brine all with great results


Active Member
Yep, we're using the Tender Quick with the common Maple Syrup recipe you'll find on a Google search. Nothing fancy. We tested a few recipes with our first batch and decided the Maple Syrup recipe was a keeper. Now I will say that last time we smoked some and didn't some and didn't really have a huge preference either way. I thought that was a little odd. Thought the smoked would be so much better. Maybe I'm not using the best wood to smoke?

Our daughter is also curing about 9lbs so I'll smoke as much as I can fit in the smoker and leave the rest.
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