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Anyone else seeing more Varmints than usual?


Active Member
I’m catching more raccoons, skunks and coyotes on camera than any other fall I can remember!
I’ve been trying to stay on top of them but this year it seems that the numbers really shot up!
anyone else seeing that?


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Active Member
I wish I had a picture of the coon damage in the corn from last year to post. Never seen anything like it. Looked like someone went in a dozen rows and drove a truck for 50 yards or more. Same general area this year had a ton of damage again. I run hounds a little as well and there were a few nights this summer we would see a lot of coon sitting up. A lot more than usual. Then there were other nights dogs couldn't hardly find one. Lack of a good dog I guess.


New Member
Turkey hunting this spring, I walked a quarter mile down a logging road on ridgetop and saw 9 raccoons out and about at 11AM. Sure seems like there's way more than usual.


Well-Known Member
Fur prices suck - not nearly as many trappers - way more critters around. Coons are so thick, going to still stack them up here to hopefully help lower the #s going into nesting season. Then there will be just as many around again by next fall. Mother Nature is great at filling any voids we create


Active Member
This spring and summer I noticed a lot more coons moving during day light than usual. Had a ton of pics of them during the day. Had a lot of other people mention the same thing to me.

I don't know this to be true other that probably 3rd hand information but I did hear the fur market might recover a little this year. Doubt that will make much difference as they'r just aren't near the hunters/trappers as there used to be.


Staff member
We got depredation for coons.. we are probably over 400+ on one farm. No joke. Bad!!! Begged for trappers & finally had to deal with it.
Tons of coons for me they got into the sweet corn patch bad this year. Have had a buddy trap dogs last couple years has helped a little bit


Staff member
How'd you kill that many? Dogs, calling, trapping ???
Shooting & trapping. Got those dog proof traps & set about 50 of them. In am - just went through. Had .22 when in farm & we’d shoot pile that way too. Buddy had a call & he’d shoot 5-20 of em in a day/night. I think we had days where we got 20-40 coons. When we went nuts. It was bad. But that’s what happens when no one traps for 5+ years.
You can call coons????

Tell me more.
Yes you can find a den tree put your e caller on the back of the tree. Turn coon fight one sit back an watch the hole of the den tree. I prefer a shotgun cuz I'm a horrible shot lol but a 22 or 17hmr work good to most times they'll come barreling out of the tree. Matting season is the best good times.


PMA Member
You can call coons????

Tell me more.
Yup. Like Buckhunter said. Anytime late December or January is best. Coon distress and coon fight both around any trees with a hole in them. Sometimes they'll come charging to the call and sometimes they'll just poke their head out. It's a blast


Active Member
A couple VERY active coyote dens that haven’t been an issue before showing up on cameras. Gonna’ wait until after bow season (so there’s no extra shooting during) then start clearing them out.

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I noticed that I was seeing them out in the open more during daylight hours, rather than the normal dawn/dusk timing. Need to get some dogproofs (don't want to catch the barn cats) to trap them hard up in the hayloft.
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