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Anyone have an old King Kutter Rotary Mower for parts?


Active Member
Looking for a full tail wheel assembly for an old heavy duty King Kutter rotary cutter.

Thought maybe someone has one with a gear box out or something sitting in the weeds.

SouthWest/SouthCentral side of the state.



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I can this weekend. I think this is the description of it, but I think I'm going to the farm this weekend and can verify dimensions.

Here are the specs for the FORK.

***1-1/4" Post (part that goes up in the round tube)***

***3/4" hole in the fork for the axle bolt(we also have 1" in store)

***post is 5-1/4" useable lenght(sticking out of the top of the fork)***

***4-1/2" from top of plate to the center hole in the post(where the bolt or pins goes in at)***

***9-5/8" tall inside the "U" where the wheel rides***

***5-1/2" inside the "U" leg to the other side

**On the tire is is 15" tall and 4" wide

**The hub is the 4 bolt fabricated hub with replaceable bushings. The hubs are greasable and the bolt pattern is 3-9/16" going clockwise from bolt to bolt hole. The hubs also come with the mounting bolts. We also have this assembly with the bearings style hubs.

**Also comes with the 3/4" axle bolt and nut


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I have two that should work. I'm in the pella area, you can have them if that's not to far for you. 641-660-5808
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