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“Hunters have no need for an AR. What, the deer are wearing Kevlar?” Joe Biden.

Might not be verbatim, but he basically said it. Seems like lots of hunters in Iowa jumped on the 450 Bushmaster and 350 legend in the “AR” platform.

Soon to be banned with the .223/6.5 mm guns? Limits on magazine capacity?

Just stating that Iowa seems to think this weapon is a valid hunting platform. I somewhat agree, though have no desire to own one.

Rossenbaum’s late season deer depredation bill seems to main stream the .223 AR for eventual inclusion of necked cartridges into Iowa “regular” seasons.

It will be interesting how this all sorts out.

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I am very much anti-weapon expansion in Iowa for HUNTING. I am also very Pro-AR15 ownership for defense, sport shooting, etc. One is a conservation issue, the other is a gun rights issue. Two very different conversations. I see no path for the US to try to do what Canada seems to be doing.
Couldn't agree more!


It is going to be a good fall!
If the Democrats could they would take all your weapons. I see liberals say “no it’s just the AR, certain handguns etc..

Not true at all. They would go for all of the guns! Canada (Trudeau)is attempting to ban more guns as we speak.
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Does anyone with a brain realize "AR" stands for ARMALITE RIFLE, not assault rifle??????
Yes, well aware of that but politicians are more interested in smoke and mirrors, calling things what they want, making up terms if needed for spin.

seven twenty

PMA Member
Here is a quote fm a hearing in the House today:

Assault weapons are made to kill... when they're hit with an assault weapon they cannot be identified. They are obliterated," Cohen said of children shot with assault weapons. "They are weapons of war and weapons of death and weapons of destruction that we should not permit out here."

All guns are made to kill. Cannot be identified??? Obliterated? Why do they affect children differently than adults?

Education should be a requirement before they start writing laws.

Side note, the majority of ammo available (.223) is fmj. It’s poking holes, not obliterating anything. I doubt that the majority of the idiots committing the crimes know the difference and effects of fmj vs hp.
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Wi transplant

PMA Member
The .223 with fmj was designed to wound the enemy not to kill them!! The idea was if wounded they would need help and that would take another soilder or 2 to do so! Plus hollow points are not allowed per nato treaty i believe??

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Not quite WI. The .223 is used by the military and LE because it does more damage; which I’m fine with.

Studies have shown that a .223 round will enter and usually “bounce around” causing internal damage while exiting at a different point from entry. A larger caliber like the 7.62 often does a pass through.

In fact the assassins caliber of choice was often the .22 because when used it entered the skull, bounced around and never exited. Not being argumentative but the .223 is not meant to wound.
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seven twenty

PMA Member
Can’t say I’ve heard of any bullet that will exit at point of entry. Or that it’s ever happened.

The .556/.223 fmj at ranges used in these recent shootings will more often than not exit in a straight line due to velocity.

If fmj was so devastating, we’d be using it in hunting situations. The reasons we can’t use it is because of pass through and lack of damage.

A .22 is effective because of the lack of velocity.


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I suggest you do some research on 5.56 vs the 7.62 rounds. It’ll clarify why LE and NATO pact nations chose the latter round.
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