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Are they Gobbling where you hunt?


Lee Co. Iowa
Been out the last 3 mornings,and have not heard one turkey gobble in roost. First day i thought maybe something might have busted them out previous eve.Went to a different farm Sun., and again not one gobble until 9:30. Went this morning and nothing in tree.Finally had one answer me at 6:45 three times,but could tell he wasn't moving.Got out of blind at 11:30 and headed home.I know we are down on birds here,but i was hearing plenty before season.Are any of you experiencing this?


PMA Member
where i hunt they are gobbling their heads off from the roost but then henned-up and quiet as soon as they hit the ground. i finally got a couple birds fired up again at around 9:00 saturday morning.


Super Moderator
Sunday morning had one scream from the roost all the way to the dekes. But all the other birds in the area gobbled until they hit the ground then got quiet



Active Member
Saturday morning i had 4 gobbling all in different directions, stayed in the blind until bout 7:45 and was curious to go look for the closest gobbler(cause it seemed like he wasn't movin) and walked about a good 400 yards called again (he was still in the same spot) walked a little farther and spotted some turkey in the trees! Well he was one of them, it kinda seemed like that was late for birds to be roosting still!!!! It was like 8


Well-Known Member
I've been texting with my dad today and he said there was no gobbling on the roost this morning...he went back out this afternoon and was able to work a couple but they never came in for a shot. Probably just depends on the area...I know every area I hunt the bird numbers are crazy high. I wouldn't look too much into it now...once we get some consistent warm weather they'll all be on fire.


Well-Known Member
Seems like they were on a pattern where I had been hunting. Opening morning they were all silent, next morning boom you couldnt shut them up, and seemed like every other day it was the same thing...


Alot of gobbling on the roost in NE iowa and then kinda shut up for awhile. Our best hunting has been from noon til 4 seems they have been losing the hens and looking. Been answering calls very well and coming in.


Well-Known Member
We were out Saturday and they were quiet then. We eventually had three different birds come in, but they all cam in silent.


Quiet for me fri and sun. In two different areas 2 hrs apart. Hens were clucking right off the roost, had um come into the decoys but never a gobbler to follow into the field.

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New Member
Sunday heard 4 gobbles in roost then silent .hour later had 4 toms 5 Jakes and 12 hens come in at 150 yds. Watched for an hour. Didn't care about calls or dekes. Totally silent whole time


Well-Known Member
I imagine the turks have all been kind of bummed about this weather and its hit or miss depending on your area. I think we're all in for some fantastic weather this weekend and the birds should be on fire everywhere.


Lee Co. Iowa
Hoping the same on the weather. Been kinda miserable.Hopefully they turn it on when this weather breaks.Good luck to all that havent connected yet


Well-Known Member
In my area it's been hot since opening day. At least the 5 days I've been out. I've had 7 toms on the DSD. Only one came in silent when we were set up waiting for them to come back to the roost.
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