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Staff member
What a joke. Rozenboom is a joke. He needs to be primaried badly!!!!! He is owned by farm bureau & gun interests that want to butt into hunting regs. Epitome of bought & paid for political hack. Embarrassing he has an R by his name.
sorry I’m sugar coating my thoughts. ;).


Active Member
I'd send him your thoughts and spread that info around his area. Loosing votes may get his attention. I may have. Funny though I didn't get a response.


PMA Member
Interesting that the state police council opposes the bill? What would spurn them to weigh in I wonder? Could a group like that potentially have more influence than the IBA or pheasants forever who could be accused of self interest?


Life Member
The Iowa Fish and Game Conservation Officers Association is part of the The Iowa State Police Officers Council.

This bill, SF581, is still in the House. It has yet to have a subcommittee assigned. For all intents and purposes and barring any last minute maneuvering this bill will not move this year. I can guarantee this bill, in one form or another, will be back next year.


Super Moderator
An almost identical bull passed in Indiana around 2010, 3 seasons later we had rifles during normal gun season. Once it hits it will never reverse. Fight this with all you have now
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