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Asking Your Advice


New Member
I was slinging carbon the other day in the yard and my wife became very interested. She informed me that she used to shoot with her father as a kid and wanted to start again. She is 1/3 my size so pulling back my Mathews is not possible.

Time to go shopping :way:

I dont want to drop a bunch of money without knowing how far she is going to take this. She went hunting with me a couple years ago to see what it was like and didnt enjoy herself, so her using this bow for anything other than plinking in the yard is probably not going to happen.


Our 4yr old son has the hunting bug. He talks about the deer mounts and turkey fans all the time and wants so badly to be able to come along on my trips to the woods.

What would you do?
Buy a basic cheap bow for her to shoot?
Buy a not so basic bow that he will eventually use?

Thanks for your opinions.......


PMA Member
I would get her a cheap bow, and let my son pick out the bow he wanted. Just my two cents, I want my son's first bow to be a memorable experience.


3rd year bow hunter
Mission Craze..... they will both be able to shoot it with some adjustments on the fly. And when the wife gets the bug she can upgrade the the craze will be good enough for the boy all through his growing up...


Fire Eater
Check out the Diamond Infinite Edge or Hoyt Ruckus. Both are great bows with a huge adjustment range and both can be set up out the door for relatively cheap. My 9 year old daughter is pulling 32.5 lbs on her Ruckus and we just set up her friend with an Infinite Edge. I'm extremely impressed with both bows.


New Member
I with skyler, let your son pick out his own bow when he is ready. As for the wife, I would get her the best bow you can reasonably afford. Have a nice bow will make it more enjoyable and more likely to stay with it. That's my take on it anyway.


Active Member
I'd ask your wife how interested she really is. If she's serious set her up the same way you would any body else. Take her to the shop and let her pick the one that fits her best. The more you spend up front, the more you can you trade it in for if she loses interest.
As for your son, I wouldn't give him your wife's hand me down. She may like it enough to not want to part with it anyway. Look for cheap recurve he fling arrows with in the back yard. Unless he's big for his age I don't know if you could find a compound to fit him.


Fire Eater
I skipped the part about your 4-year old son. Get him in and have him try the Diamond Atomic. Our 5-year old son is shooting his sister's Diamond Nuclear Ice (replaced by Atomic) and pulling 15 lbs. He loves it. The Atomic has a better draw weight adjustment and you should be able to get it out the door for close to $200. It will last him 2-4 years until he is ready to upgrade to something more serious that he'll grow into for a hunting rig. I promise you won't regret the Atomic for your son!


Active Member
I stand corrected. If I were in your shoes I'd go the Diamond Atomic route. Diamond makes a solid product.


Active Member
... The more you spend up front, the more you can you trade it in for if she loses interest.....

Do not listen to this advise. That's like saying buy a brand new car because it will be worth more to trade in. Doesn't make any financial sense whatsoever.

For me, money isn't a big factor, but I'm kind of in the same boat, with a wife that kind of wants to participate in archery but I don't know how interested she really is. Biggest thing I think is to get something that fits, and if they want to upgrade in the future to something a little better, they will make that call if that's where their interest takes them. Spending the money up front in something that depreciates quickly takes away from the opportunity to pursue good upgrades yourself, or for her in the future. Archery equipment is no different than golf equipment, buy it new, and the second you walk out the door it's worth half or less. I am going to look for a good used hoyt ruckus or a used mission craze.
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