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Attraction of Buck Forage Oats


Life Member
I planted the actual Buck forage Oats about 3 weeks ago and this is what they have grown into....They were seeminly much taller a few days ago but you walk out amongst it now and it looks mown down. I think I need to practice a little QDM on adult does this fall.

Big Timber

You need to start shooting two arrows at a time to thin that herd!

Nice pics, as well as plots.

Might have to change your screen name to Oatmeister.



Life Member
I have yet to see an antlered deer of any size tho.....maybe a passer thru will get lucky and get his photo taken
Besides...I never said there were not ANY deer, just nothing has shown up with antlers I'd be willing to shoot


New Member
Bar + Women = Guys around

Food source + does = bucks around

You will be pleasantly suprised buddy. Keep in mind you just got more deer in one pic than I have gotten on a 120 acres all year!


Life Member
SO far, these does haven't drawn the quality I am looking for. You are probably right on what will pass thru, I am just less optimistic based on what I see from last years sign and what I am seeing now...this is the best buck to pass thru


New Member
If its anything like my place and I'm sure it is- those oats will be eaten down like a golf green until spring. Anything using turnips yet?


I was told this by an old friend that used to kill a lot of high end, trophy bucks and it has held true....

"Just when you think you have seen the biggest buck on your property, there are two there bigger than him!"

The most true statement anyone could every make about big bucks.


Life Member
Well....I cleaned them up out of the yard. I have so many stinking apples around the base of the tree, and so many in the compost pile, I figured I could put a few to work in front of the trail cam.


New Member
I tend to have the same problem but when the bucks start looking for the does look out they are crawling all over the place.

Good Luck this year!!!!!!!!

J Becker

Go out durring shotgun or rifle season and sit in a funnel. Shoot doe after doe but just watch where each one runs to.
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