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ATV sprayer

My current sprayer is a Fimco 25 gallon boomless. Not happy with it. Budget is $700. What do you guys recommend? Boom or Boomless it doesn't matter . Thanks in advance.


PMA Member
I bought a Sprayer Specialties 3pt but I still use my Fimco 25gal atv way more. I know there are some better sprayers out there but for the money, Fimco is hard to beat. I did put the boom kit on my Fimco. One thing I have learned is to mark my fields so I know where to drive, that made my atv sprayer much more efficient.


PMA Member
i had a fimco boomless with lots of trouble with pumps & plastic nozzles. Bought the fimco 30 gal on wheels to pull behind a lawnmower or atv. has 2 nylon nozzles that appear alot sturdier than the plastic. I sprayed my foodplots last month & have seen better coverage (about 80 inches). Bought at Theisens for under $400.


Staff member
I was the sucker that bought a fimco back in the day. Total garbage. Plus, when the cheap junk parts break- they are proprietary fitting so u have to keep buying their crap unless u retro-fit it.
Get one that takes t-jet parts. Sprayer specialties is always great. Superior sprayers good but super high priced. If someone gets a bit of free time- it’s not hard to build a sprayer if u buy good components & have a basic understanding of plumbing & basic fabrication.
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I bought a 25 gallon from sprayer specialties, still going strong and I am hard on it. I highly recommend them. I think I bought mine for less than $500.00 a few years back but that was without shipping, I believe they have locations in Illinois and Iowa and possibly Kansas. I have a three nozzle boomless setup and I have been thankful many times that I don't have a boom to deal with around trees and brush.
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