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Back to the basics...

Big Timber

I would like to get back into a recurve this year. I used to shoot one years ago and had a blast with it.

Anybody have any recommendations? I don't want the best, something midrange.

Any help is appreciated.




Bowhunting Addict
Big Timber,

...... if you are not wanting to spend over a few hundred dollars than you will likely need to buy a bow made by a company ie. Bear, Martin, Hoyt, etc. If you know what you want you can get some really nice used bows for less than $300 (even custom made bows).... Three Rivers Archery sells quality new bows made by Bear, Martin, etc.... the owner also makes custom bows, but they would definately cost more money.

If you really desire to be successful with traditional equipment then I would recommend going full bore for a couple of seasons... by that I mean really pour yourself into it. Too many guys dabble in it then give up ..... to be really successful, you need to get serious about it.... feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions... I am happy to share the mistakes that I have made over the years... it will certainly help to lower the learning curve... you know the old saying " learn from your mistakes"... smarter is the man that learns from other's mistakes
.... good luck... WARNING>>> it is very addictive


I don't know where you are located in central Iowa but you might contact Ken Osterman ? at Mahaska Bows in Oskaloosa. He builds several models and a quality product without the big name cost. I have shot one of his bows once and talked to him at a couple different events over the years, and he is a nice guy that understands traditional equipment. I'm sure if you connect he would let you shoot different recurves and long bows to see what you like. You should try some longbows just because they are so smooth and nice to shoot and in a tree stand any shot you can make with a 54" recurve you can make with a 64" longbow if you try.


Life Member
just type in "recurve" or "longbow" to ebay....then set aside some time. TONS of bows to look through

been thinking along the same lines myself, i'm leaning towards the hoyt gamemaster


Life Member
Do a google search on "The Footed Shaft"
Lamont Granger sells some very nice used bows.


PMA Member
Check out www.tradgang.com

Great bunch of folks, and you can ask any question about ANYTHING traditional archery related anytime! All the info you'll ever need and more there. Not to mention a good spot to buy/sell bows and all other types of equipment!
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