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Bear hunt II



Glad to hear you had a good time and got a bear. We traded a friend from Minnesota who has bow hunted for bears the past 15 years help with an Iowa Whitetail hunt for a Minnesota bear hunt. We hunted the first six days of the season with no luck. The trail timers indicated the baits were being hit about 10:00pm each night.

Had a lot of fun baiting and hopefully will return in late sept to give it another three day weekend.


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PMA Member
Boy, Iowa1, when I read your post I thought I was reading my own life story from 1997. A cousin and I drew tags in zone 51 and had a great hunt. I have a friend up in that area (north of Duluth) who we trade pheasant hunts with for bear hunts. We also had the experience that it took 2 years to draw the tag, but the last 2 years we've drawn them in the first year. My friend tells me they've increased the # of tags up there. Unfortunately, schedules haven't allowed us to actually go back and hunt since the 97 hunt. We took 3 nice black bears that year...my cousin and I both scored with our bows on the first night out. We did not see any color phase bears though, but hope to when we hunt there again next fall (assuming we draw again). You are SO right about the challenge and thrill of bear hunting over a bait and the fun of running baits. I was a bit skeptical going up the first time, but now can't wait to get back there. We used chocolate to get them to the bait, and then a variety of meats, dog food, etc. to keep them coming. Anyway, glad you had a good hunt!
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