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BEST Counties in southeast Iowa


PMA Member
I would agree with IBH1983. Theres alot of counties or areas that get overlooked but they have great pockets in them. I don't think I've ever been in the SE quadrant of the state so im no help there, but I'm sure there are areas that are much better than others.


PMA Member
I agree with IBH1983....your property will only be as good as your neighbors....basically the entire south half of the state is good

Wi transplant

PMA Member
Need to find areas that do not allow deer drives ! Or big enough timber that's thick so they can't successfully push it out ! Those areas will grow nice bucks for sure!

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Staff member
NEIGHBORS - like above.
One county that’s overlooked with a ton of potential - Appanoose. Like anywhere- pockets of good & bad. But - if u can find good neighbors who manage right AND police it hard- it’s very solid. Not easy to find but exists. & possibly one of the most affordable or bang for the buck counties out there.
Wapello has some great pockets as well.


New Member
I’ll answer. Lee or Van Buren. Can’t go wrong. Can’t control your herd or neighbors unless you own 600ac or more. Most can’t. If not do your part with management and enjoy.
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