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Best youth shotgun?


Well-Known Member

What have been the best shotguns that you have seen or used for the beginning youth hunters? My boys are old enough to get started and I am trying to figure out which direction to go. It would need to work for deer and turkeys. I am leaning toward camo but dull black would be alright too. What have you had luck with?


Youth model remington 870 would be my recommendation. I'm partial to 870's though.
I know that Mossberg makes a youth gun that comes with interchangeable stock pieces so that you can adjust the length of pull in the stock as they grow, or if you had different sized shooters.
For a starter or youth model gun that they will eventually grow out of I think you would be well served with any major manufacturers guns.


New Member
I second the 870 full size my dad got me one when I was 10 and now 19 years later I am still pilling up deer and ducks with it.


Active Member
I will 3rd the 870 youth model. I got mine when I was 10 and 20 years later I still tote it around.


I think a Savage 220 would be a great gun for youth. Deadly accurate with a scope and easy to run.

Didn't read your post well enough it wouldn't work for Turkeys.

Central Iowa

Life Member
Really depends on size of youth. Best bets are the Mossberg 510 mini in 20 gauge or like mentioned Mossberg 500 bantam.


Mossberg 500 Bantam or Remington 870 youth. Both are great guns. My brother and sister both have the 500 Bantams, they give you an adjustable stock so you can adjust the gun as they grow


Staff member
10 Gauge.

Kidding. I did start with a 12 though & maybe a little while that it's a little too much gun but that time goes super fast and he'll be great with it before too long. 870 is a great one. What I started with and just gave it to my dad after like 20 years.


Active Member
I'm a huge fan of the 870 Wingmaster. I have Wingmasters and an 870 express. The main difference between the two is the Wingmaster has forged parts and the express parts are stamped. The stamped parts will wear put 10 times quicker - trust me, mine has. If you hope the child will keep the gun and pass it down to your grandchild, stay away from the express and pay the extra bucks now and purchase the Wingmaster. Just my 2-cents.


PMA Member
Browning makes a sweet little 20 gauge youth pump gun that I bought for my son many years ago. Thumb safety and a bottom eject so it can work for both left and right handed shooters. It's a little more money, but a very nice firearm.



Well-Known Member
Thanks all, you are suggesting exactly what I was looking at anyway. I wanted to make sure that there wasn't something out there that I wasn't looking at. My first shotgun was a Mossberg and it treated me well, but once I got a little older I bought a Remington 870 Wingmaster Magnum. I am a Remington guy myself, but I tell you what I sure did like that thumb safety when I was younger.


New Member
I'd assume you can never go wrong with the 870 I know its a great gun. However my first was a Benelli Nova in 20 gauge. Great for young kids since its very light and extremely reliable. You can drag it through the duck blind mud, deer woods snow, and rain in the spring after turkeys and still depend on it. And we all know kids, and adults for that matter, can be pretty abusive on our guns. Although I've moved up to a 12 now, I still use it chasing pheasants and its a blast to shoot for the fun of it. Thought I'd represent the Benelli fans here, give it a look.
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