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Biggest “6” I’ve ever seen ….


Staff member
Buddy missed him 2 years ago. Another buddy grazed him last year. This deer is more elusive & moves the least in light of any deer I know. Lives in one tiny draw (maybe 30 acres) & I’ve never seen him outside that area. Just a cool buck. Yes, technically he’s a 7-9 point this year. But I’ll still call him a 6 ;). This buck is like 8-10 years old. There’s got to be bigger 6’s out there - have any?!?!? I just haven’t seen one this big before.


PMA Member
Wow, he's super cool. Crazy how different these bucks can be in their home range and habits.

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PMA Member
This is a 6 pointer I killed in 2015 I believe. He was an old bully. Year before I shot him, I passed on him repeatedly with my bow. Then in 2015 he was a ghost. Opening day of gun 1, he walked by me at 35 yards. I’ve never been more proud of a buck. I believe it scored 118” and won the award for big 6 point at the deer classic that year.


Well-Known Member
A retired game warden from Decatur county had a perfect 6 point that went 178 inches that he got from a poacher. He would take that rack around with him to show when doing community gatherings. Looked like an elk rack.


Well-Known Member
I personly held the rack.....more like an elk than a whitetail.......poached so not registered........."its made up".....no it is not.


Active Member
A lot of folks forget that the Wisconsin buck was actually never a record- Elisha Hugen had the world record 8 for the longest time. Then I believe the MN and KS deer maybe passed it? But the “lucky buck” was never a record as claimed.
That being said- I have a 58” true 3 pt antler- it’s huge to me- but I know no where near the biggest either

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