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Binocular suggestion?


Well-Known Member
What’s your price range? I just bought a new pair of Nikon monarch 7 and I am happy with them.


PMA Member
I have found that nikon and vortex are the best value for me. Price vs performance. They both have a range of costs and quality to pick from.


Vortex are nice but I think they're heavy. ZenRay makes good stuff, but hard to find a dealer. Nikon is good. I bought a used pair of Swarovskis years back and am glad I saved up and got them, fantastic binos.


Active Member
Leupold McKenzie series is a great choice for a mid range priced pair. Very clear optics for the price, and durable with a great warranty as well.


Staff member
I sat in blind with buddy. I had swaro’s which are very expensive (wedding gift to myself 10 years ago) & buddy had high end vortex. I went back & fourth. I’m used to looking through binos a lot so my eyes are fussy and trained.... swaros clearly had the the edge. No doubt superior. BUT.... those vortex were darn good. If I hadn’t looked through non-stop & use non stop- vortex be just fine & end of the day ur hunt be just as successful. With a lot less $ spent.
main thing spooks me on Low cost binos... aside from mediocre view... breaking. I had some crap Bushnell legends or something. Broke 3 times & warrantied 2 times. 3rd time they claimed some garbage & I told em to keep em. Last time I bought junk binos.


PMA Member
Lifetime warranty of Vortex and Leupold are hard to beat. Huge variance in quality of glass between their low end and high end models though. The glass clarity on some of these high end brands is incredible for sure in comparison and hands down better. For my needs, any binos I run are gonna get exposed to the elements and used and abused; so I have a hard time dropping a wad of cash on the high end stuff. I'd subscribe to DVOR and their daily emails; it's optics planet's discount site and they quite often have 35-40% off of optics.
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