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Blessed again…..Speechless


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Well I am still not sure I am not living in a dream. This whole season has been buck less for Tackett, Wyatt, and myself. Except for two big boys. Only a spike and forky in range for the boys. They were so hoping for even a 110-120 to show in bow range. But Tackett ended up with Junior(148 7/8) at 30 yards with his rifle during youth season. Then last night Tackett’s wish came true. He has been hoping that Wyatt would get a buck bigger than any of the rest of us. Tackett has taken 3 very nice bucks and Wyatt hasn’t had a shot at a big one yet. I haven’t either for that matter. Hunting is hunting.
So last night we sat on the ground by two small trees. We spotted movement about 80 yards ahead. They went out into WSG. Figured they were gone. Then the doe came in and went by at 4 yards. Then a button followed on her tail. Walked by at 4 yards. I just knew they would blow and bust us. But they didn’t. Then I spot another deer dead ahead. All of a sudden head comes up to full attention….and right there at 12 yards….full alert…RACKASAURUS! I drew a bead on his chest and whispered TAKE HIM!!!!
I had no clue if Wyatt was even looking or not. All I knew was if this deer flinched I was letting him have it. Within 1/2 to 1second of saying TAKE HIM…..BOOM. Piled up face first where he stood. Wyatt took the top of his heart off with a 243.
We were in disbelief as we got up and headed to him. This was a rut buck that just showed up about 10 days ago.
Still speechless. Tackett’s prayers were answered….Wyatt got the biggest deer. God is great!!!!!


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