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Blind Windows


What do you guys put over your box blind windows? I recently bought a muddy Gunner box blind and am wanting to darken the inside of the blind.


PMA Member
I went to the fabric store and told them what I was up to. Basically, I wanted something relatively cheap that would block light. I believe what they gave me was described as "muslin" fabric. It seems to be working just fine.

Brett Morris

PMA Member
I've used kitchen drawer liner (buy on Amazon/Walmart) for covering blind windows. I love it because it blocks most of the light, blocks their vision into the blind, and I can still see through it enough to "keep an eye out" in every direction.


Active Member
I bought the camo stuff at Walmart you use to wrap around a tree stand and doubled the size i needed to cover the windows. I have a couple magnets on the bottom so it doesn't move if I have the window cracked open and couple of those pegboard tacks to fasten it to the side if I want one window open. Still lets the light in but does help hide the movement inside the blind and you can still see through it.


PMA Member
Places like Home Depot sell a stick on window film. Lots of different stuff with different light levels and block out. You could cut small spots to peek out. We put some on our front storm door so the dog can’t see out but it lets some light in.

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