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Booner 11pt gun 1

Wi transplant

PMA Member
Well some of you may recognize this guy from the velvet pics I posted in aug. And many of you gave a guesstimate on score. Well happy to announce that we got him on opening evening of gun1 season !!! I was filming (total amatures!) My stepson over a brassica and fall grains food plot. Got in blind around 130pm and action started around 245pm. We saw 6 bucks and 2 does buy 4pm all of the bucks took turns working a licking branch on the plot (great video) then the big guy stepped out! Took 15 min to work his way to around 85 yrds . Seemed like forever to give us a shot! Think I was more nervous filming than he was shooting!!!!! Shot was back a little . (Buck fever) so we recovered him in morning! Went about 125 yrds !!!! I will link video when he gets edited!!!! Awsome day on our farm!!!! Oh and ended up grossing 181!!!!

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Staff member
Holy cow! That dude is impressive- congrats!!!

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