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"branded" vs generic seed


New Member
I see posts all the time about Imperial, Bios, etc. I can buy fresh ladino clover at the elevator for $3-4 per pound. Turnip seeds in bulk are $2.50 per pound. Can anyone convince me it isn't just marketing when some of these mixes are $15 per pound?


Life Member
I have a freind that owns a fertilizer/seed company, he said he can mix up the same stuff they are selling for high dollar for alot less. Also I was talking with another freind the other day and he said that the deer seem to like the RED CLOVER better than anything else. Anyone else have input on this??


Active Member
i always wondered too, i know a guy that used to just buy all the seeds in biologic from a dealer mix them all together and he could buy it for about a 1/4 of the cost. I really dont see how they could be any different, unless those branded companies have some kind of special hybrid of the seed you buy at a dealer but i highly doubt it, im sure they have just found what mixtures produce the best results for antler growth. someday whenever i get land and can plant food plots im going to the dealer, i would think if one bag of branded stuff planted an acre, (which i dont know how much it plants) then a guy could pay the same amount of money of generic seed and plant 4 acres, i dont know just my thinking, hopefully somebody knows


New Member
Having planted both generic and biologic seeds I can tell you that the difference is minimal. There is really no difference how well the deer liked either one. It had both planted on different areas of our farm, and it seemed like it was all ate up at the same rate, and we saw good amounts of deer at both places. If it was me I would save my money and go to the local coop to buy the seed. Your money would be better spent on herbicide, fertilizer, lime, mowing, and most importantly soil tests!!
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