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i was wondering if anyone had any useful insight on brassicas. i am in the process of making my food plot and from what i'm reading brassicas sounds to me like the way to go! here is what i know: brassicas has a bitter taste until the first frost, deer do not like the taste and don't eat much of it therefore allowing it to mature instead of eating it to the roots before august. after the first frost the brassicas gets a sweet smell and taste and deer pound the hell out of it! ok there is what i know, if anyone has any other info please tell me! i think this stuff sounds better then any other feed that i have heard of as far as the growing process, when deer eat it and the nutritional value! thanx


With it's high level of copper and salt plus additional sugars. Venison and velvet blend when sprayed onto pastures at the start of spring and again at about Xmas provides the stock with an ongoing supply of essential minerals and trace elements.
i just read this statement from a whitetail website that i was just on and i have already freaking forgot which one i was on, sorry! from what i have been reading this seems like the best stuff to plant. also read that you could plant it now for summer grazing or wait until july to plant and have a great fall/winter plot. just wondering!


New Member
Well SplitG3, seems as no body likes to respond to the best stuff on the market. I have to say its the best out there as long as your ph level is excellent.


I agree it is great stuff for late season hunting. I have heard from other guys who have planted it that a spring planting will mature and die off before hunting season rolls around. Also I wouldn't think the deer would eat it during the summer, they didn't touch any of mine last year until there was snow on the ground.

Big Timber

I have yet to try the brassicas but heard nothing but good things about it. I'm planting a test plot soon and I'll let you know what happens to it.



thanx big timber, m_kat, and alaskan! i heard the best time to plant it is around the middle of july! accordind to what i have read the reason that is the best time is because if planted in mid-july, the plant itself is at it's best stage between the end of october to middle of november, which is right smack dab in the peak of the rut here in ohio! ta'll keep me updated with more info! i truly believe that this plant is as good as it gets for deer feed! once again thanx!!!!
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