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Broke the odd year jynx


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I've never shot a deer in odd years, only in even years, before until I shot this deer November 2 here in Iowa. The wind had switched to the north and temps cooled down a few degrees. I had been waiting for a north wind to hunt this area, and here it was. The deer movement was great, I saw two bucks earlier at a distance I would've shot. The night was coming to a close with darkness setting in. I was actually texting somebody when I heard some crunching from below me. I immediately stopped stood up and grabbed my bow I could could see a deer coming, actually two. The deer were coming in right to me. The lead deer was a mid 160's ten and the trailing deer was a buck, that's all I could tell. I started to turn to draw when my bow hit my tree stand seat which didn't get put all the way up so it made a loud ping. The deer stopped in they're tracks and were looking up in my direction. It's getting dark and fast. The Big ten is only 25 yards away looking at me head on. I was still facing away from him but could see him out of the corner of my eye. So just decided to look away because if he had to come through my shooting lanes if he started walking again. I just told myself shoot the lead deer over and over. What felt like 20 min but was probably only a minute or two. I heard some crunching come from that direction. The lead deer appears in my shooting lane and I draw and wait for him to stop. I could see my pins but it's getting dark fast. Finally he stopped at 22 yards and I let the arrow go I noticed the arrow fluttered and it look like the shot hit high. I watched him run over the hill, when he crested the hill it wasn't the big ten. It was the other buck. I look back to my right and I can see the big ten running away.
In the mean time I thought I heard the deer crash that I shot, but decided it probably was that deer kicking other deer into the corn. Now I'm frustrated. I shot a random deer with a questionable shot. I let him lay over night and decided to go back in the morning. I sat in the stand in the morning and saw 5 bucks over 135 including a monster 8! I got down to find no blood no hair anywhere. My buddy shot one of the deer I saw at a distance from the night before, and he had a blood trail. So I decided to make a quick loop around where he ran before I went and started looking for my buddy's deer and found him laying there, to my surprise he was good buck. He ran 125 yards and piled up. The shot was high and back not sure what it hit, but it did the trick. He grossed 145 2/8 which is pretty good for not knowing what the heck I shot. I went to help my buddy look for his deer, which his shot was perfect but with only 7 in of penetration and we couldn't find him. The odds of me finding mine and it being a good deer and my buddy not find his are so slim. That is bow hunting to a T. It's a cruel sport, but that's why we love it! Good luck to everyone with a tag left.
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Holy smokes, very cool looking buck! Congrats man! Smile, you just killed a dandy!

Also, is that standing corn in the background, I didn't think anyone could get a buck with all this corn up. :grin: Really nice one there, sounds like a good spot, one that possibly might be better with the standing corn.
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