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Buck mortality study - old but good


Staff member
After finding locked bucks, bucks fighting that died, etc. - looked at some data. This is a good read. When bucks die, what ages, what causes etc etc. Coyotes also big culprit. Good read!!
It doesn’t address the last 2 decades that we have seen an explosion in EHD but hits lot of areas..



Well-Known Member
Good read, it's nice that someone has put so much effort into that kind of study. I would have never guessed mortality rates were that high and varied that much by age groups.


Active Member
Wow, that's quite a large number that die off post rut. This makes my buck to doe ratio even more worse than it already is.. :rolleyes:

Highlights the importance of late season & beyond (Jan - March) food.


Active Member
That’s an interesting study and I’ve read it before. I’m not sure south texas compares that closely to Iowa for food sources though. I think alot of it is pretty barren country.

I do agree more bucks die of natural mortality than most people are aware of, the EHD outbreaks have only made it worse. Some days I think hunters are a pretty minor part in bucks surviving to maturity.

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