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Buck with slug hole

Rut Nut

This buck was lucky. Looks like he should make it.


New Member
Right thru the backstrap. He should make it. I aggree it doesn't look like it is infected, so that buck is lucky. Looks like he might live to be bigger this year


PMA Member
I put an arrow in that exact spot before. The buck was fine til I put an arrow through his heart a week later...


PMA Member
So somebody tell me...

is that the "void" area on the buck that was hit?

I kill myself! :D :D :D :D


Active Member
I agree, the deer is hit above the spine. An inch lower, he would be down. :) Neat pic, it just shows how tough they are!!!


Active Member
Last deer I shot, a doe a few weeks ago, hit her right on the very top of her back. Dropped her right there. It was higher than the hole on the buck in this post.

Not that I wanted to hit her there. Ruined some good meat.


Well-Known Member
definetly shot above the spine. The doe you shot may of had the spinal cord break from the energy or shock of the bullet expanding. Lead slugs are very good at that. A faster less expansive bullet may pass right thru with little expansion or energy transfer leaving you scratching your head what the heck just happened. Shot on this deer was a little high to hit the spine but I have seen them die from a lot less.

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