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Bully buck deadhead


Well-Known Member
I found this deadhead on Sat while taking a break from some TSI cutting. This buck had been on cams the past two seasons but I had never seen him on the hoof. He was a big bodied deer with poor antler genetics. This past Nov I got a series of pics showing blood on his busted antlers/tines so my suspicion is that he was a bully buck that probably will be good to have off the farm in 2021.


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Thanks for sharing. It’s amazing to watch these bucks go at it during the rut - I imagine the pics that resulted in the bloody antlers would have been quite the fight to watch. Think that’s his blood from a wound on his right side or from another deer — could be either?


Well-Known Member
Never had any pics of him this fall after the 11/14/20 set of photos. The location of the deadhead was far back into the property in a spot I rarely get to so hard to tell how long he had been dead. The right side tines appear to have 4-5" of blood on them in the 11/14 images so it must have been a serious tussle.


I had a similar bully a few years back. Heard a major fight from the archery stand but I couldn’t see it. When the fighting ended, saw him come by. He was a constant on the property and I shot him with the ML on Jan 1 of that year. At least you didn’t have to burn a tag.

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PMA Member
I think you are right by the looks of things. I have seen the same type of thing in past years at my place...it happens.
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