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Camping Question


New Member
Hello, I finally have the pleasure of heading up in a few weeks to hunt some public ground. While doing some reading to making sure I am following all laws, I read that you can primitive camp in parking areas on WMAs up to 14days. I have tried calling to verify that I am reading that correctly but have not had a return phone call as of yet.

Can someone verify that I am reading that correctly? There is no designated camping area on the map of the WMA and no other campgrounds close as far as I can tell.

Thanks in advance,


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New Member
My understanding is primitive camping up to 14 days not within 100 yds of parking areas, unless it is specifically posted no camping. This is only on Iowa DNR managed land. Other county WMA's may have their own rules and would have to check with them. The following is a snipit from a DNR article from 2015.

"Wildlife management areas You can get away from it all by camping primitively on state wildlife management areas. Camping in wildlife management areas can’t exceed 14 consecutive days, and is prohibited within 100 yards of parking lots, boat ramps, fishing jetties and other public use facilities. Pay attention to public hunting areas and open hunting seasons. Keep in mind that many public hunting areas are not DNR land, and you’ll need to check with the group that manages the land before camping there. If you have questions about where to camp and local rules, call your local unit manager before heading out."


New Member
Thank you for the reply. I have read that one as well, so I think I will be in good shape. Can’t wait to visit Iowa for the first time!

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It wouldn't hurt to call the wildlife management offices, and conservation officers, in the counties you're looking at hunting. I'm sure they could give you some insight and if your camp site gets reported they'd have a prior heads up that it is likely a guy camping, not a guy cooking meth.


New Member
You are probably new to camping, so you can google the best places to camp in the USA or your state and choose a suitable place.
Don't forget about the lighting. Take a camping lamp and additionally a hand-held flashlight. It's best to take a small one like this https://www.amazon.com/Vont-Flashlight-Flashlights-Water-Resistant-Accessories/dp/B089T8HDBV. In addition, take care of the equipment, and choose a tent, depending on whether you are one or several people. From my experience, I will say that you always take a tent for one more place.
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Here every year there is a large camp of Hmong that camp rught at the lot of one public chunk. Can be as many as 20-25. They put up tents, tarps and I wish I could say they clean up after. There are also several other lots that have campers and tents during nov. If thats a rule its not enforced here at all.

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