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Catfish Rod & Reel Recommendation


Active Member
Looking to get back on the MO river and begin the quest for huge blues and flathead. We had always ran trot lines but I'm looking for a good heavy duty rod/reel combo. Any recommendations?


It is hard to go wrong with a TWC (Tangling with Catfish) Extreme rod paired with an Abu 6500 or 7000 series reel. Its all you need to handle blues or flats of any size.


Active Member
Yeah I've been hearing a lot of good comments on the Abu 6500, the TWC is new to me but will check it out thanks!


Active Member
The Abu 6500 gets praised again and again on the internet but for smaller cats anything will about work. I wouldnt over think it too much , line and hook seems to be the most important to me. Power pro braid is an awesome line, no more breaking off in snags hardly, damn near have to hook up the pickup to get it unsnagged at times.


Well-Known Member
ABU 6500 for sure I like warrior Cat rods medium heavy 6-12 oz sinker weight.. agree on the hooks love Wisker seeker triple treat.... Sounds like fun enjoy...
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Active Member
Not rod/reel but we caught these blues on trot lines using perch in some backwater of the Missouri near Washington, MO over memorial weekend. 18 & 26lbs. From Friday evening till Monday morning these were the only 2 we caught besides snagging the sturgeon, had it slightly hooked under a scale damn thing was like a dinosaur.

Boeuf Creek 5-28-19.jpg

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