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Charlie - my boy- doubled up doe/buck


Staff member
Pretty proud dad. Youth season was warm & a bust. Charlie said he wanted to target “older bucks”. 5-6 good sits during youth season didn’t give us any opportunities.

This new 8 had been showing up & after a lot of looking - we felt he was 5. Came out about 45 mins before dark. 30 yards turned into 80 in about 10 seconds. I actually filmed it on my phone. Buck & doe …. Perfect shots & he was thrilled!!! He LOVES it!!!! All he says “dad- think I can bow hunt next year?” Hes 10. Thinking 12 he might be able to bow hunt. He’s been hanging treestands in our front yard to practice putting them up. He’s great on gun & bow & loves being out. So- 2 perfect shots on buck & doe…. We for sure have a hard core hunter, that loves it, in the making. Made my season. My nephews & my buddy’s son are still at it…. At least seeing some deer & having fun! By far - way more fun & enjoyment than shooting myself. Good luck to rest of you!

*I made one quick YouTube video of a Egyptian wheat screen on IW YouTube …. This is that spot. Just for fun I’ll post a video of the hunt on there too.
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Central Iowa

Life Member
Atta boys! Love the smiles, passion and memories being made! Sharing the blinds and stands with our kids are my favorite hunting memories. I remember when you were looking forward to these times, enjoy Skip!

Wi transplant

PMA Member
Nice job charlie! Being steady on the gun is hard thing to teach ! Some just have it! Congrats to both of you!! Look forward to video!!

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PMA Member
Great 8, congrats young man!

Made my season

That would have made my season too Skip! My sone wanted to hunt archery when he was 12 but I told him when he could shoot consistently I would take him out. We were shooting recurves back then and when he turned 14 I gave him the green light and he took a nice 8 from the ground!

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