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Check out this Bruiser


New Member
Check out this Bruiser a friend harvested over the weekend. This guy has it all, mass, width, points, and a dropper. Best of all, it was a very clean harvest and he went down and expired within sight. Even more impressive to me is how much the guy who harvested this bruiser feels honored to have harvested such a magnificant deer.

On a side note, Littlefeather, have you thought about maybe charging a guide fee? And also, I thought we were friends, how come you don't set me up on any deer like this? Last year could have been an accident, but two years in a row.. [image]http://wwowp7t=[/image]


The guy who shot it is on here as Luckinrut. I have been trying to figure out how to save face with this situation but I can't make up a good enough story so here it goes.

I am leaving tonight for NE Iowa to sit for the next 10 days. Not everyone can close the deal in less than 3 hours two years in a row.

I started hunting this spot 4 years ago and I took a 9 point off of it. It is a good early and late spot but it did not have a lot of activity during the rut. My cousin who was 12 at the time wanted to bow hunt in there with me so I moved to a different farm. I was concerned that he would wreck the spot and I wanted to get up on a ridge for the rut.

My cousin got bored with hunting after one year and the spot was open. Luckinrut was hunting public land around Waterloo so I offered him the spot trying to be a nice guy (that will teach me).

Last year Luckinrut shot a 22" wide inside spread 12 point. The one in this picture is a 21.5" wide inside spread 18 point with a drop. Last year, he got his deer the first evening he was in his stand on Halloween weekend. This year, guess what, first evening in the stand on Halloween weekend. Next year, we will see how well he does back on the state land.

In summary, I had this spot and gave it up. My therapist says that only a few more months of treatments and I should be ok.

My dad told me there are three types of people that you don't want to take hunting and fishing with you because they will always get the big one. New people to the sport, children and dumbasses. Which one do you see in the picture????? Hint: (He's in his 30's and has been bow hunting for years).
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