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Chest cavity pics, what causes this?


Active Member

I shot this deer this weekend. The chest cavity was full of bright yellow jello looking stuff. No odor and it wasn’t puss. Any idea what causes this, I killed one a couple years ago that looked the same inside.

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Wi transplant

PMA Member
We had same thing on bunch of deer over the years in sw iowa and took pics and deer to dnr and they said some sort of respiratory infection like bronchitis in a deer or a cold they said nothing to worry about . We had tough time believing this but its only in chest cavity and none of us got sick from eating those deer.

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New Member
We had one like that about 7-8 years ago. Our group in SE Iowa routinely gets 20 deer a year, but that's the only one we've seen. so not a common sight. Pretty sure the older generation in the group decided to leave it for the coyotes


I read some on this and it's usually like stated above...just a respiratory infection. Keep in mind deer are coming out of rut and have been doing a lot of heavy running and have worn down immune systems. Bucks are much more prone to this as well as getting infections starting in the head from fighting injuries. Meat is 100% safe to eat.


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Thanks for the replies. Neither of the two I’ve seen this in were bucks, they were young does

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The 1st buck I harvested in eastern Iowa, 2012, looked just like that when I opened him up. All of his hooves were split/cracked too.
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