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Congrats, enjoy your own little piece of heaven! I wouldn't worry about being light on liquid assets right now, with almost 7% inflation in November alone, any cash just sitting in the bank is basically losing buying power and value. Good time to buy dirt.
To potential buyers I’d say run the numbers and push it a little. Don’t be in a position saying I’d wish I would have bought a little more, built a little bigger etc. Many, if they admit it, fall in that category. Calculate what you can afford and push another 20 %, you’ll be fine. I bought my first 80 and found myself buying the adjoining 50 18 mos later, that was available at the time of the 80 purchase, for more money.
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As others have mentioned you wont find ay better info than right here. And if you have questions on projects just ask, many here to help. Agree on getting a state forester out there ASAP to help with TSI.
Another thing I would say is although you may not have all the food plot equipment, you can still easily get some plots in there(looking at the map there are some no brainer locations). You can put the word out here on the forum, someone may be close by and be willing to trade some labor or you could pay them to get some plots established. Also looks like you have some tillable ground, well Id guarantee you that farmer who is going to rent your ground has some equipment, you could make a deal with him to have him till a half acre or whatever size for you to get started.
As Daver mentioned, on a lease I have I started my first clover plot on it with a push mower and rake....that same clover plot is still there today. Lots of ways to skin a cat.
My next word of advice would be to get out there ASAP and start making friends with the neighbors. Gaining access to your ground through someone else would help out the access 10 fold! I did just this thing my our north neighbor, asked him for access to our farm through him and he was fine with it, next thing I know he is granting me hunting access to his farm without me asking...
Congrats on the piece and good luck in all your improvements!


It is going to be a good fall!
Congrats on your new farm ! The addiction begins !!

That is a very nice looking 80. I bet there are nice bucks on it right now!
Congrats! My best advice to you is to scout this sitr for idea more that watching sturgis. Like others have said i cant hadly stand to watch.
Check out the tsi vids on the IW yt page and i think there are a couple skip did on midwest whitetail yt as well.

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